Weekly Summary

This week was really relaxed! Because we had such a big project, our professor decided to let us have a easier week. My group finished our radio show this week, and I had a blast creating it. I wanted to be as creative as possible, and just have fun with it. Because thats what this class seems like! Here is the update of week 2.

We were supposed to create ten stars of assignment banks. Which I didn’t mind, because i enjoy doing those the most. But the fact that we had to incorporate two characters was hard. I was able to random fit different characters with mine, but it took me a lot of creativity and thinking about how to do it! I decided to do the summary of animated GIFS, then talking about my paradise, and lastly the letter as a child. I think the letter was the hardest part because incorporating a character was very difficult. I had to make something up!

Then here are my daily creates. I enjoyed creating these!

I wish I had a chance to listen to my show, but because club conflicts I got to listen to tumbleweeds! Here is what I thought of it!.

Overall this week wasn’t bad, the part of recording our show took a while, and was a little stressful. But I had fun creating it, and really enjoyed this week, and i didn’t feel stressed! so that was a bonus

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Hi and Welcome to my blog! My name is Maria, and I am a Senior at the University of Mary Washington (studying Geography). I love traveling and being outdoors, my dream is to visit every country in the world. After graduation I hope to work for a non-profit that ministers to children.

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