A Letter To You As A Child

Dear Maybelline,

The first thing I would say to you is, don’t listen to daddy. He will tell you many lies and lead you to believe that he will pay for everything. Which he will, but then control everything that posses you. Keep going in your horse competition, because you’re gonna go so far. And you’re gonna love it, you are gonna love the future and you’re gonna have a great husband – one who loves you really well. You’re gonna have amazing kids, who love you and give you a million hugs. So while the future is hard, it will be worth it for the family you have.


*I enjoyed this assignment, but I do wish that I had done it for myself and not my western character. It was 2 and a half stars, and with that completes my ten stars of assignment banks.

Author: Maria

Hi and Welcome to my blog! My name is Maria, and I am a Senior at the University of Mary Washington (studying Geography). I love traveling and being outdoors, my dream is to visit every country in the world. After graduation I hope to work for a non-profit that ministers to children.

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