Weekly Summary

This week was all about design, I found this week to be really interesting. It is easier for me to relate to design because in a way we are with it all the time. I started the week with the Assignment Banks. There I did most wanted and got to experiment a little with photos and text. Then I did the on the cover where I created my friend and little wayne baby. I had a lot of fun creating this project, because we had to use our imagination on who would never be in a magazine cover. And I know, I would definitely never be in one. Then I created my own maze which was also fun but I kind of stink at creating them, lastly I did the assignment bank of a tattoo. Which was my favorite! It was really sweet to share my ideas and experiences with tattoos.

Later I read Vignelli’s post and contemplated it. I thought his writing was super interesting and really let me bring my artistic abilities out. By thinking of imagery, I can now picture imagery in every sign I see. I picked the daily creates that are on the link because I actually thought they would be the most fun. Again I really like having the time to pick and choose there rather than thinking I have to do them because my deadline is coming up. The design blitz was where we got to test vignelli’s work. It was cool to see around town and places I went to and take everything he said into full consideration. Then we looked at movie posters and had to think about vignellis work with them.

Overall it was a good week and I really enjoyed learning about designs!




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