Weekly Summary

For week number 5 we had to create all audio assignments, this week was really hard for me in general. I am just terrible with audio stuff and was really frustrating for me. My daily creates consisted of either drawing or putting a face in someone. I really liked the ones I picked an had fun drawing them. I also did audio storytelling which was really hard, it was really interesting but hard. I learned a lot about audio, and how it really is important because even I wouldn’t like a silent movie.

I enjoyed creating my own radio station to use in the future, it was a great way to incorporate my own creativity and voice. I thought moon graffiti was the coolest, and just really enjoyed listening to it. It was so neat, and a great way to show music and sounds and how tense it can get. As far as assignment banks, I picked the ones that interested me the most which was a few selection just because a lot didn’t interest me




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