Weekly Summary

Week four was ok, I kind of felt indifferent about it. I liked how it was visual (because I like working with that), but some of the assignments I wasn’t a big fan of. The daily creates were not that hard, and this time because I was on top of everything, I didn’t have to scramble to do ones I didn’t like. The photoblitz was kind of frustrating just because they were randomly, and some of them were really hard while others were really easy. Its sort of hard to take pictures of six things in only twenty minutes. So I kept clicking the random button so it could generate moderately easy/hard things.

This week we were given the option to watch different movies and talk about the cinematography. I picked stagecoach because it was free, and while it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen it was just really hard to focus because it’s not the type of movies I enjoy to watch. But I did think it was cool learning about different ways to take pictures and how to improve ones for the future. Were were instructed to create assignment banks and I had a lot of fun with those. My favorite two was to recreate faces of emojis and recreate the Brady Bunch. Those I had the most fun with because I was able to use my friends and all of us get us to think creatively. As far as the other two, it was not that bad. I still had fun creating them. Overall this week was a little easier because I was able to get a head start and finish my work earlier so I was not as stressed out.

*In the link below is every assignment that is due, I started creating pages by weeks so it is easier to group things.



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  1. I feel the exact same way as you. The photoblitz was super frustrating. I must have spent 20 mins refreshing them just trying to get one that I could actually do.

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