I chose to watch stagecoach, because lets be honest…i’m really broke and cannot afford anything anymore. The movie was a lot about traveling, and a lot of landscapes are shown in this movie. It wasn’t my favorite movie, but it also was okay, I really enjoyed all the landscapes shots because I am a nature person. Because the movie was black and white it ¬†was harder to see the lightning, but when the movie moved their setting to outside, the lighting became stronger rather than when the setting was inside. Yet when the setting is inside they still end up doing a good job of having their main object be the brightest.

A lot of times when the actors or objects are closer they were in focus and the background was blurrier, because its easier to see the closer objects that are in focus, than when they are blurry. Throughout the movie they do a good job of balancing out the setting. When the actors are speaking, the movie does a good job of closeups which shows their facial expressions and can capture what the scene is all about.

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