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This week was kind of harder than the last couple of weeks, for some reason it seemed like there was more work. Also the snow days totally threw me off, because I got lazier and lazier as we got more school off. The assignment banks were great, because I prefer the writing ones. I decided to write a letter to my mom because I created that assignment…so why not do it! Then we had to link one to western theme, so I just found a western photo and some lingo and linked it to that. The stories we had to pick, I decided to go for the free ones because i’m extremely broke. I read both ice man, and bride comes to the yellow sky. While I enjoyed Ice man better, the bride one just seemed to drag out and didn’t really catch my attention as much. But ICE man was so interesting and left me in a cliff hanger, wanting to read more. Which then lead me to analyze Vonnegut’s way of explaining a short story. Then I created my character and finished it off with my daily creates,I feel like my creates are super lame because I have no idea how people create technological stuff. But it’s ok, i’m more of a free hang drawing person and prefer to that generally. My writing group got picked for a “special assignment” to showcase different posts. Which in a way is cool, but I also thought it was more work because we literally just finished last week on creating the assignment for this week. I wish the professor gave us at least a one week break, before adding an extra assignment in the middle of the week. Overall, this week was just more stressful and more work, but I was able to finish it and happy with the results.


*My group has yet to share the posts they wanted to pick for showcase, so I probably will turn that in on Sunday and maybe add it to this post, so its all compacted. But will turn my response as a comment on canvas.

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