Love at First Shot

Today my husband and I went to Harry Potter world, we have never been there before but we had so much fun! We walked into the bookstore, and they let us grab different wands to see which ones would fit our personality. After holding a couple of wands, we found our right fit. I felt like this power growing inside of me, like it was the right one! So my husband and I decided to have a face off, we looked at each other and he said “abracadabra!” and I said ” stupefy.” Guess who won?¬†Growing up I loved the Harry Potter movies, I wanted to be Hermione so badly, and I would dream and dream to find my Ron Wesley. Let me tell you, I so did! Harry is so dreamy, he’s sweet, funny, caring, great dad and everything I have wanted in a husband. We have so much fun together.


*I picked this photo because 1. I am in love with the royal couple, especially Kate Middleton, and 2. because I wanted to show a photo that shows that love is not just about passion. It is also about having fun, and being silly with each other. I thought this picture really represented that.

Daily Creates

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

YEEHAW! Damn cowboys I just got into a shootout with a bunch of city-slickers. But boy were they bad, they thought they could yonder to my barn and cahoot my horses! No son of a gun gets past me! So I took out my pistols and put my hat on (to show them I was serious) and shot them straight with a bullet. But not at the just pretended to so they got scared. Those half-wits ended up in the calaboose when I called my buddy whose a cop. To celebrate I wet my whistle and rode off with Buddy the horse, and here I am looking at this beautiful sunset remember my victory. God bless