A Letter To You As A Child

Dear Maybelline,

The first thing I would say to you is, don’t listen to daddy. He will tell you many lies and lead you to believe that he will pay for everything. Which he will, but then control everything that posses you. Keep going in your horse competition, because you’re gonna go so far. And you’re gonna love it, you are gonna love the future and you’re gonna have a great husband – one who loves you really well. You’re gonna have amazing kids, who love you and give you a million hugs. So while the future is hard, it will be worth it for the family you have.


*I enjoyed this assignment, but I do wish that I had done it for myself and not my western character. It was 2 and a half stars, and with that completes my ten stars of assignment banks.

Welcome To Paradise!

Well Yee-Haw, Western Belle here. Ive been dreaming about my dream vacation. If i could pick any place to go to I would choose Texas. I heard its really dry there and lots of cactuses. Heard there are lots of rodeos! Thats my kind of place, if I had to pick someone to go with I would choose Andy the bank robber. I would take him because that way he can show me the wild life. Stealing, and robbing banks. Dog-gone I can’t wait.


*For this writing assignment bank we had to create our dream vacation but also incorporate two characters. I went on the characters page and picked a random one to incorporate it to my story. The bank was a little boring, but also very vague so very easy. It is rated 3 and a half stars. I think it depends on how in depth you go- how many stars it should gain.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

YEEHAW! Damn cowboys I just got into a shootout with a bunch of city-slickers. But boy were they bad, they thought they could yonder to my barn and cahoot my horses! No son of a gun gets past me! So I took out my pistols and put my hat on (to show them I was serious) and shot them straight with a bullet. But not at the just pretended to so they got scared. Those half-wits ended up in the calaboose when I called my buddy whose a cop. To celebrate I wet my whistle and rode off with Buddy the horse, and here I am looking at this beautiful sunset remember my victory. God bless

To my riser

Riser (according to Dierks Bentley): life is hard, man, and you’ve got to give it your all to succeed

My family moved to the U.S when I was 8 years old, we came with nothing. We lived in a one bedroom apartment with 5 people, and started off with nothing. Yet somehow, it never felt like that. There was always food on the table, clothes on our backs, toys to play with etc. As I grow up, I sit and ponder how we ever made it, and one word pops to mind: mom. Months ago, I was driving home and the song rise by Dierks Bentley came on. As I heard the lyrics, I couldn’t help but cry because this song was made for my mother.

A single mother with 3 kids (1 being disabled, 2 being stubborn). A shoulder for three heads to lay on, and two arms to hug us when we were scared. When things would “go bad” in our eyes, she knew how to lock and bolt the door and keep us strong. She gave us everything she had just so we could be happy. Whenever she got pushed around, she fought hard for her kids, and would do anything just to see them happy. So mom, here is to you, for all the times that you had to fight for us I can’t help but to thank you. Thank you for being my go to woman, my best friend, my riser, my fighter, my survivor.

~While this song says its for the army, I do believe it was made for the risers

Assignment Bank #1

Dear Future Husband,

As of January 17, 2016 I have no idea who you are, but I am excited to find out in the near future. Last year I went through something really difficult that made me realize and fully know the kind of man I want to be with/share a future with. So here it is: a man who is sweet, makes me laugh, picks me up when i’m down, and fully knows Jesus. Maybe it’s too much to ask for, but when it really comes down to it, if you and I can have a meaningful conversation about the lord and agree (or disagree) on some stuff and still love each other, then thats all I want. Yet, as for me I promise to love always love you even when I hate you, to be kind, and considerate and to listen when you need it the most. You and I, we don’t have to be like the Nicholas Sparks movies, we just have to be real. So here is to me hoping that our future will be full of the lord, laughter, love, and friendship.

After all, the GooGoo Dolls were right when they said:

“I’ll be kind, if you’ll be faithful
You be sweet and I’ll be grateful
Cover me with kisses dear
Lighten up the atmosphere
Keep me warm inside our bed
I got dreams of you all through my head”


Your future wife