Western Stories

In this blog post we had to read up on more western stories to get us thinking and learn more about western themes. First I read old western legends, the first thing that caught my eye were old west photos, and then old west people. I think this is really cool, having old photographs of the olden days, and it is fascinating to compare it to our generation today. It is like a completely different time, back then they wore boots, rode horses as transportation, used lassos to fight, wore big coats and more. Houses looked smaller and the style of living just seemed easier. No one was worried about who looked the best, and damages of the land was not really their thing. Then I clicked in postcards, and again pictures popped up, and everything just looks so different. Now a days everything is more modernized, with fancy buildings, back then their only worry was to keep their horse alive.


I also read Ice Man, which again I linked it back to our generation today. Who would ever think that their biggest worry is if they can dodge a bull. First of all, bulls are not even walking around in the neighborhoods…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bull, and have never thought about riding one, maybe a mechanical one! Another short story I read was “The bride comes to Yellow Sky” which I found interesting but not as much as ice man. The bride just seemed to be confident but also self-conscious. The story was easy to relate to, it didn’t seem like it wanted to wow their audience, but more like keep it simple, and how people have different reactions to everything and it is ok. Through all these short stories, there seems to be different common themes. All the writing styles use western slang but also do not make it hard for readers to understand. While it is ok, I don’t think I would pick western stories as my first pick to read.