Weekly Summary

This week was really relaxed! Because we had such a big project, our professor decided to let us have a easier week. My group finished our radio show this week, and I had a blast creating it. I wanted to be as creative as possible, and just have fun with it. Because thats what this class seems like! Here is the update of week 2.

We were supposed to create ten stars of assignment banks. Which I didn’t mind, because i enjoy doing those the most. But the fact that we had to incorporate two characters was hard. I was able to random fit different characters with mine, but it took me a lot of creativity and thinking about how to do it! I decided to do the summary of animated GIFS, then talking about my paradise, and lastly the letter as a child. I think the letter was the hardest part because incorporating a character was very difficult. I had to make something up!

Then here are my daily creates. I enjoyed creating these!

I wish I had a chance to listen to my show, but because club conflicts I got to listen to tumbleweeds! Here is what I thought of it!.

Overall this week wasn’t bad, the part of recording our show took a while, and was a little stressful. But I had fun creating it, and really enjoyed this week, and i didn’t feel stressed! so that was a bonus

Weekly Summary #2

For the second part of putting our radio show together my teammates and I met up and recorded it in one day. We decided it would be better to get together and record it rather then send each other voice memos. Here is the post of the progress.

Then we had to create two daily creates and I picked the ones that seemed most interesting at the time. I do wish I had waited a couple days for it. Here are my daily creates.

Weekly Summary

This week was short due to the fact that it was dedicated to our radio show. Im excited to get a start and start recording our show! I started off by asking my friend in the class to be in a group, and she knew someone else so we combined for a group. Then we started gathering ideas in a google doc. We came up with different ones, and decided to travel to different western town and talk about them and incorporate our western characters. Here is a short description of what our radio show is gonna entail. Then I did my 3 different assignment banks. I had a blast creating these, first I put my favorite song and speech together here. Then picked a western song to another one of my favorite songs here. And lastly whistled my current favorite song so people could guess it! Here is the link. Also a poster of our radio show was create so people could get a visual affect here!

Here is a post of my daily creates! 

Weekly Summary

This week was all about design, I found this week to be really interesting. It is easier for me to relate to design because in a way we are with it all the time. I started the week with the Assignment Banks. There I did most wanted and got to experiment a little with photos and text. Then I did the on the cover where I created my friend and little wayne baby. I had a lot of fun creating this project, because we had to use our imagination on who would never be in a magazine cover. And I know, I would definitely never be in one. Then I created my own maze which was also fun but I kind of stink at creating them, lastly I did the assignment bank of a tattoo. Which was my favorite! It was really sweet to share my ideas and experiences with tattoos.

Later I read Vignelli’s post and contemplated it. I thought his writing was super interesting and really let me bring my artistic abilities out. By thinking of imagery, I can now picture imagery in every sign I see. I picked the daily creates that are on the link because I actually thought they would be the most fun. Again I really like having the time to pick and choose there rather than thinking I have to do them because my deadline is coming up. The design blitz was where we got to test vignelli’s work. It was cool to see around town and places I went to and take everything he said into full consideration. Then we looked at movie posters and had to think about vignellis work with them.

Overall it was a good week and I really enjoyed learning about designs!




Weekly Summary

For week number 5 we had to create all audio assignments, this week was really hard for me in general. I am just terrible with audio stuff and was really frustrating for me. My daily creates consisted of either drawing or putting a face in someone. I really liked the ones I picked an had fun drawing them. I also did audio storytelling which was really hard, it was really interesting but hard. I learned a lot about audio, and how it really is important because even I wouldn’t like a silent movie.

I enjoyed creating my own radio station to use in the future, it was a great way to incorporate my own creativity and voice. I thought moon graffiti was the coolest, and just really enjoyed listening to it. It was so neat, and a great way to show music and sounds and how tense it can get. As far as assignment banks, I picked the ones that interested me the most which was a few selection just because a lot didn’t interest me




Weekly Summary

Week four was ok, I kind of felt indifferent about it. I liked how it was visual (because I like working with that), but some of the assignments I wasn’t a big fan of. The daily creates were not that hard, and this time because I was on top of everything, I didn’t have to scramble to do ones I didn’t like. The photoblitz was kind of frustrating just because they were randomly, and some of them were really hard while others were really easy. Its sort of hard to take pictures of six things in only twenty minutes. So I kept clicking the random button so it could generate moderately easy/hard things.

This week we were given the option to watch different movies and talk about the cinematography. I picked stagecoach because it was free, and while it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen it was just really hard to focus because it’s not the type of movies I enjoy to watch. But I did think it was cool learning about different ways to take pictures and how to improve ones for the future. Were were instructed to create assignment banks and I had a lot of fun with those. My favorite two was to recreate faces of emojis and recreate the Brady Bunch. Those I had the most fun with because I was able to use my friends and all of us get us to think creatively. As far as the other two, it was not that bad. I still had fun creating them. Overall this week was a little easier because I was able to get a head start and finish my work earlier so I was not as stressed out.

*In the link below is every assignment that is due, I started creating pages by weeks so it is easier to group things.



Weekly Summary

This week was kind of harder than the last couple of weeks, for some reason it seemed like there was more work. Also the snow days totally threw me off, because I got lazier and lazier as we got more school off. The assignment banks were great, because I prefer the writing ones. I decided to write a letter to my mom because I created that assignment…so why not do it! Then we had to link one to western theme, so I just found a western photo and some lingo and linked it to that. The stories we had to pick, I decided to go for the free ones because i’m extremely broke. I read both ice man, and bride comes to the yellow sky. While I enjoyed Ice man better, the bride one just seemed to drag out and didn’t really catch my attention as much. But ICE man was so interesting and left me in a cliff hanger, wanting to read more. Which then lead me to analyze Vonnegut’s way of explaining a short story. Then I created my character and finished it off with my daily creates,I feel like my creates are super lame because I have no idea how people create technological stuff. But it’s ok, i’m more of a free hang drawing person and prefer to that generally. My writing group got picked for a “special assignment” to showcase different posts. Which in a way is cool, but I also thought it was more work because we literally just finished last week on creating the assignment for this week. I wish the professor gave us at least a one week break, before adding an extra assignment in the middle of the week. Overall, this week was just more stressful and more work, but I was able to finish it and happy with the results.


*My group has yet to share the posts they wanted to pick for showcase, so I probably will turn that in on Sunday and maybe add it to this post, so its all compacted. But will turn my response as a comment on canvas.

Here are my links to my projects: