Summarize A Movie With Animated GIFs

Back in the western days


A guy walked in on a Western Gal he liked flirting with some other cowboy


She was smiling, and giggling giphy

He was so angry he needed to get his rage out 200

But his wife (another cowgirl) was confused and upset that he was acting this way 200-1

So whats gonna happen now with the lovely couple?


*I chose to do a western movie so it would fit with the class. Since my character is a western gal, looking for a man. So I looked for Gifs that had a boy and a girl and tried to incorporate some type of relationship. Then I looked up all the characters that the class created, and I decided to use just another cowgirl. The cowgirl is the one who was flirting with another guy. And the wife is my western character. That was five stars, and I would rate it five stars because it took me a while to put the gifs to work