Kurt Vonnegut talks about the different shapes of stories, and the first shape he talks about is starting above average and then they get down and come back up. Another one he talks about is starting average thing and then something goes wonderful but then come back down and up again. The last story he talks about is the most popular, which starts low and works their way up to get to the top.

The story ice man, starts off really well but then something bad happens, but the readers are left with a cliffhanger of whether it comes back up or not. At first the boys are celebrating and not caring about what they’re doing and having fun. But then they meet Kyle who they thought they could trust as a friend, but unfortunately ended up being deputy and arresting the boys for arguing with ICE. Unfortunately the boys are left at the bottom of the curve and with probably no hope of getting out of jail. Also the writer leaves the readers in a cliff hanger and leaves them wanting to read more, but we will never find out if the curve goes back up.