Final Paper Progress

For our final project we are supposed to create a story through four different medias. I am thinking of keeping the same theme I have talked about with my character. While I probably won’t incorporate my character, I am going to write about a love story. A story about a man and woman who weren’t supposed to fall in love but they did and have to go through all these trials in order to okay. For the four categories of Assignment Banks I will use writing, to write out the whole story and along the ride I will incorporate the other three. So as I am writing out the story, I will use audio, visual and video assignments to describe my story.

I will probably be using audio at the start of my story, then start writing it out. Then I will use gifs or photos as visual assignment and then I want to incorporate a video as a commercial in between my story.

Ps. Im really glad we don’t have to do any more daily creates!!