Daily Creates

We were supposed to do a total of 3 daily creates. But this time around it was different because we are supposed to create a story line with it. Here are the three I decided to do.



Here goes my story:

Western cowgirl loves to get in trouble, she loves living on the wild side. So one day she decided to take a trip to Ireland. Her dream place, that she never thought she would go to. So she set on a wild ride and throughout it she would spray paint walls with graffiti. She would call them “her signature walls.” Once she got to Ireland she went straight to Blarney Stone to kiss that stone in order for her dreams to come true. So she did, and then she went back on her way to go home. To see her husband, she was excited because she hadn’t seen him in a while. When she got home she saw that everything was out of place, and the salt shaker wasn’t in the right spot. She was livid, because now she couldn’t cook her husband the meal she wanted to. When he got home they fought, so he bought her a flower to apologize, and on they went living their life.