Audio Storytelling

A movie would be nothing without sound, most of us don’t realize how big of a difference a movie would make without sound. Not only just the actual language but the intensive sounds it goes along with it. Ira Glass suggest the antidote which follows one another, so one way to incorporate sound is by putting sounds together that could flow easily into a story. Even if it goes from a slow melody, to a quick one to a scary one. He even mentions that the most boring story could be turned into a really strong one with the sound of music.

Ira talking about sounds made me think of Stagecoach because while it was dragging to watch the movie, the sounds and different emotions really were the reason why I stayed put for the movie. The musicality in each of the roles voice made the movie. When a character was happy their voice would high pitch, when they’re angry their pitch would go faster. There is a lot of different techniques that could be put into making sound demos. I thought moon graffiti was a great representation of what music should sound like when embedded into talking. When the background is not too loud to hear the person talking but also quiet enough and suspenseful to go with the flow.

  • I listened on Wednesday for the radio show, and heard my own voice! Which was really cool, but not really in my field. The story was dry and hard to understand but sometimes would catch my attention when the banging and gun stuff. I liked the commentary I left, I wanted to make it funny and exciting. I did feel really awkward when I misspelled the car name….whoops 🙂