Weekly Summary

This week was really relaxed! Because we had such a big project, our professor decided to let us have a easier week. My group finished our radio show this week, and I had a blast creating it. I wanted to be as creative as possible, and just have fun with it. Because thats what this class seems like! Here is the update of week 2.

We were supposed to create ten stars of assignment banks. Which I didn’t mind, because i enjoy doing those the most. But the fact that we had to incorporate two characters was hard. I was able to random fit different characters with mine, but it took me a lot of creativity and thinking about how to do it! I decided to do the summary of animated GIFS, then talking about my paradise, and lastly the letter as a child. I think the letter was the hardest part because incorporating a character was very difficult. I had to make something up!

Then here are my daily creates. I enjoyed creating these!

I wish I had a chance to listen to my show, but because club conflicts I got to listen to tumbleweeds! Here is what I thought of it!.

Overall this week wasn’t bad, the part of recording our show took a while, and was a little stressful. But I had fun creating it, and really enjoyed this week, and i didn’t feel stressed! so that was a bonus

Radio Listen

This week as we created radio shows we were given the free chance to listen to any of them. I listened to Tumbleweeds, at first I didn’t really know what to expect, because the name didn’t give anything away. But over all I really enjoyed the show. It had a good story, of trying to figure out who killed Jhonny. The music they used definitely helped set the mood. Because it made it suspicious and I was waiting for the answer.

I liked their idea of having an actual show where they interviewed suspects, to try and figure out what happened. At one point it seemed rough as how they connected the media. But it was only for a little and then it became clear! Over all I really enjoyed it!

A Letter To You As A Child

Dear Maybelline,

The first thing I would say to you is, don’t listen to daddy. He will tell you many lies and lead you to believe that he will pay for everything. Which he will, but then control everything that posses you. Keep going in your horse competition, because you’re gonna go so far. And you’re gonna love it, you are gonna love the future and you’re gonna have a great husband – one who loves you really well. You’re gonna have amazing kids, who love you and give you a million hugs. So while the future is hard, it will be worth it for the family you have.


*I enjoyed this assignment, but I do wish that I had done it for myself and not my western character. It was 2 and a half stars, and with that completes my ten stars of assignment banks.

Welcome To Paradise!

Well Yee-Haw, Western Belle here. Ive been dreaming about my dream vacation. If i could pick any place to go to I would choose Texas. I heard its really dry there and lots of cactuses. Heard there are lots of rodeos! Thats my kind of place, if I had to pick someone to go with I would choose Andy the bank robber. I would take him because that way he can show me the wild life. Stealing, and robbing banks. Dog-gone I can’t wait.


*For this writing assignment bank we had to create our dream vacation but also incorporate two characters. I went on the characters page and picked a random one to incorporate it to my story. The bank was a little boring, but also very vague so very easy. It is rated 3 and a half stars. I think it depends on how in depth you go- how many stars it should gain.

Summarize A Movie With Animated GIFs

Back in the western days


A guy walked in on a Western Gal he liked flirting with some other cowboy


She was smiling, and giggling giphy

He was so angry he needed to get his rage out 200

But his wife (another cowgirl) was confused and upset that he was acting this way 200-1

So whats gonna happen now with the lovely couple?


*I chose to do a western movie so it would fit with the class. Since my character is a western gal, looking for a man. So I looked for Gifs that had a boy and a girl and tried to incorporate some type of relationship. Then I looked up all the characters that the class created, and I decided to use just another cowgirl. The cowgirl is the one who was flirting with another guy. And the wife is my western character. That was five stars, and I would rate it five stars because it took me a while to put the gifs to work

Weekly Summary #2

For the second part of putting our radio show together my teammates and I met up and recorded it in one day. We decided it would be better to get together and record it rather then send each other voice memos. Here is the post of the progress.

Then we had to create two daily creates and I picked the ones that seemed most interesting at the time. I do wish I had waited a couple days for it. Here are my daily creates.

Radio Show progress

Coming back from spring break was a little hard to get into the swing of things. But my group & I met last night and recorded our Radio Show.

Im really excited to see what its going to sound like, I think its gonna be great! It took us a couple tries to record it because we kept laughing. My intentions with creating this radio show was to have fun and laugh about it, but also get a good grade.

We used Audacity to put it together, because we had to do multiple out takes. Im excited to hear the final product!

Daily Creates

My second daily create! I just decided to do this one because it seemed really easy & simple.

I did this one as a joke because in the Chinese commercial there were fishes. So I wanted to be funny and say the fish grew up

Weekly Summary

This week was short due to the fact that it was dedicated to our radio show. Im excited to get a start and start recording our show! I started off by asking my friend in the class to be in a group, and she knew someone else so we combined for a group. Then we started gathering ideas in a google doc. We came up with different ones, and decided to travel to different western town and talk about them and incorporate our western characters. Here is a short description of what our radio show is gonna entail. Then I did my 3 different assignment banks. I had a blast creating these, first I put my favorite song and speech together here. Then picked a western song to another one of my favorite songs here. And lastly whistled my current favorite song so people could guess it! Here is the link. Also a poster of our radio show was create so people could get a visual affect here!

Here is a post of my daily creates!