Weekly Summary #2

For the second part of putting our radio show together my teammates and I met up and recorded it in one day. We decided it would be better to get together and record it rather then send each other voice memos. Here is the post of the progress.

Then we had to create two daily creates and I picked the ones that seemed most interesting at the time. I do wish I had waited a couple days for it. Here are my daily creates.

Radio Show progress

Coming back from spring break was a little hard to get into the swing of things. But my group & I met last night and recorded our Radio Show.

Im really excited to see what its going to sound like, I think its gonna be great! It took us a couple tries to record it because we kept laughing. My intentions with creating this radio show was to have fun and laugh about it, but also get a good grade.

We used Audacity to put it together, because we had to do multiple out takes. Im excited to hear the final product!

Daily Creates

My second daily create! I just decided to do this one because it seemed really easy & simple.

I did this one as a joke because in the Chinese commercial there were fishes. So I wanted to be funny and say the fish grew up

Weekly Summary

This week was short due to the fact that it was dedicated to our radio show. Im excited to get a start and start recording our show! I started off by asking my friend in the class to be in a group, and she knew someone else so we combined for a group. Then we started gathering ideas in a google doc. We came up with different ones, and decided to travel to different western town and talk about them and incorporate our western characters. Here is a short description of what our radio show is gonna entail. Then I did my 3 different assignment banks. I had a blast creating these, first I put my favorite song and speech together here. Then picked a western song to another one of my favorite songs here. And lastly whistled my current favorite song so people could guess it! Here is the link. Also a poster of our radio show was create so people could get a visual affect here!

Here is a post of my daily creates! 

Daily Create

Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

  • I had a blast creating this assignment, I am incorporating my character by again using her “ex” boyfriend. She is saying to him she is over it and never wanted to sing about it because she didn’t want him to think she still liked her. Good luck trying to guess the song – its really popular but my whistling doesn’t make sense! I didn’t whistle the whole song, but this is one star and completes my western character incorporation!



ps: if you don’t guess its – love yourself

Dramatic Reading Remix

*For the assignment I decided to take a country song and sort of tie it into my southern belle. She is singing this song to her old bf to remember all the good memories they had together. I chose the song remember when by Alan Jackson and got the Selena Gomez the heart wants what it wants lyric video. I had a lot of fun creating this, and it was a good way to incorporate my character. This whole time my character has been going through hard times with her significant other, and this was the last set of it. I loved seeing how country and pop music untied. I think the pop background really gave. This was 4 1/2 stars and incorporated my character. So now I have half a star left to incorporate my character.

the country song a new meaning.

Remix A Song With Some Speech

*This assignment immediately caught my eye. I decided to mash up my favorite song (at the moment) and then the most impressive speech. So I chose MLK, I have a dream speech. I had to listen to both recordings a couple times to make sure the mashing up went together. Surprisingly enough I really liked how it turned out. I’m still figuring out how soundcloud works and which sounds they pick up on. But over all I really enjoyed this assignment and would rate it 5, because it was a bit tough to link two audios together and make sure it flowed well.

Week 1 for Radio Show

I am in a group with Sophia Therriault and Kelly Hendricks. While we don’t exactly know what we want to do for our radio show, we have started developing ideas. The ideas that are being thrown around are being a traveling caravan and we could talk about old western celebrities. Also talking about different western places and incorporating our character into them, each one of us could research an old western town and we could compare/contrast the towns. Another one is talking about western celebrities or movies. Because this is still in the works, we don’t have a name for our radio show.