Weekly Summary

This week was all about design, I found this week to be really interesting. It is easier for me to relate to design because in a way we are with it all the time. I started the week with the Assignment Banks. There I did most wanted and got to experiment a little with photos and text. Then I did the on the cover where I created my friend and little wayne baby. I had a lot of fun creating this project, because we had to use our imagination on who would never be in a magazine cover. And I know, I would definitely never be in one. Then I created my own maze which was also fun but I kind of stink at creating them, lastly I did the assignment bank of a tattoo. Which was my favorite! It was really sweet to share my ideas and experiences with tattoos.

Later I read Vignelli’s post and contemplated it. I thought his writing was super interesting and really let me bring my artistic abilities out. By thinking of imagery, I can now picture imagery in every sign I see. I picked the daily creates that are on the link because I actually thought they would be the most fun. Again I really like having the time to pick and choose there rather than thinking I have to do them because my deadline is coming up. The design blitz was where we got to test vignelli’s work. It was cool to see around town and places I went to and take everything he said into full consideration. Then we looked at movie posters and had to think about vignellis work with them.

Overall it was a good week and I really enjoyed learning about designs!




Examples of Design

In the western titles, I saw a consistency in large typography. Which makes sense because you want your movie title to be the most seen to the eye. There is a lot of color fading in poster and some of them are even black and white. All the photos have a olden look to it. In 1990 most of the posters were background of black which gives it a dark tone. Obviously a lot of them use western common things for the background. For example a lot of them have the desert, oh indians and hats. I feel like it could be easily seen if a western movie is seen on a poster.



This picture represents typography and the flow they create. I love this picture because I was playing scrabble with my family, and we put all this together to spell out our names.


To me, this photo represents balance, the arrows gives the up & down balance.


This picture represents dominance, the building on top of the words are the biggest thing. And also being on top give it a meaning that is the center of attention


This picture to me represents color. They are really colorful and stand out!


*I had fun with this project, it was really good way to get our imagination going. And I also had fun just going out and exploring and keeping those things in mind!



Vignelli starts off by giving the reader an insight to design and how he uses new techniques to challenge himself. Which is why he created this book, so others could challenge themselves when talking about design. He goes right into the 3 aspects he believes are the most important: Semantics, syntactics, and pragmatics. For me, I was able to relate more to syntactics and preferred learning about it. Vignelli talks about how it is art, and that uses the base definition of syntax: the discipline that controls the proper use of grammar in the construction of phrases and the articulation of a language, design. The very details in a picture are really important, for example a text that are different sizes can signify many meanings. A bigger text can be more important than a smaller text, because in the human eye, our eyes will automatically go to the bigger text.

For design we need to have discipline, if you have no consistency it will look sloppy. I really took this into consideration because I never really think about doing this with my designs. But I also came across the question, that what if you want to make your design look sloppy. How would someone know the difference? Another aspect that really stood out to me was visual power. This kind of goes back to talking about the bigger texts, Vignelli mention”difference of scale within the same page can give a very strong impact.”A text of pictures that appears to take up more than a half the page is going to be more significant then one that is the size of my thumb. When something is bigger or just looks better it gives the reader more of an incentive to read it.

Apart from the aspects Vignelli points out the tangible parts of design. Who knew that a paper size was so important to a design!

Tattoos 4 Life

A tattoo is a big deal in life, and the choosing process is also hard. When I was younger I wanted to get a tattoo badly, and so when I turned 18 I went for it. While I loved it at the time sometimes I look back and wonder why I really did get it. So when I decided I wanted to get another one, I wanted to make it really beautiful and a bigger/better meaning. So I sat back and thought about what meant the world to me. I decided to go for Jeremiah 29:11 which is a bible verse.

Maze it up


This is the maze I created, I swear there is a way out. I wanted to do something really confusing but once stared at for a while it would be easy. I like the way it came out, I decided to just go for it and draw it out as much as i can. This maze had a rating of 3 1/2. I would rate it the same because it wasn’t too hard but also not easy. I think it could be as hard and you want it to be.

Most Wanted



*For this assignment I looked up “killers of the old west” and came across a guy who seemed really interesting. I don’t really have much to work with because I don’t have fancy websites to create the real look of a wanted poster. So I created a plain one, I do think it could be better, if I were to come across this poster randomly, it would not catch my eye to begin with. But I also don’t think its the worse. Pictures are the most important part and I provided a lot. Also the word wanted should be the thing in bold and so I painted it red so it is very seen. Overall I thought the project was really easy and a good way to challenge your creativity