Weekly Summary

Week four was ok, I kind of felt indifferent about it. I liked how it was visual (because I like working with that), but some of the assignments I wasn’t a big fan of. The daily creates were not that hard, and this time because I was on top of everything, I didn’t have to scramble to do ones I didn’t like. The photoblitz was kind of frustrating just because they were randomly, and some of them were really hard while others were really easy. Its sort of hard to take pictures of six things in only twenty minutes. So I kept clicking the random button so it could generate moderately easy/hard things.

This week we were given the option to watch different movies and talk about the cinematography. I picked stagecoach because it was free, and while it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen it was just really hard to focus because it’s not the type of movies I enjoy to watch. But I did think it was cool learning about different ways to take pictures and how to improve ones for the future. Were were instructed to create assignment banks and I had a lot of fun with those. My favorite two was to recreate faces of emojis and recreate the Brady Bunch. Those I had the most fun with because I was able to use my friends and all of us get us to think creatively. As far as the other two, it was not that bad. I still had fun creating them. Overall this week was a little easier because I was able to get a head start and finish my work earlier so I was not as stressed out.

*In the link below is every assignment that is due, I started creating pages by weeks so it is easier to group things.




I chose to watch stagecoach, because lets be honest…i’m really broke and cannot afford anything anymore. The movie was a lot about traveling, and a lot of landscapes are shown in this movie. It wasn’t my favorite movie, but it also was okay, I really enjoyed all the landscapes shots because I am a nature person. Because the movie was black and white it  was harder to see the lightning, but when the movie moved their setting to outside, the lighting became stronger rather than when the setting was inside. Yet when the setting is inside they still end up doing a good job of having their main object be the brightest.

A lot of times when the actors or objects are closer they were in focus and the background was blurrier, because its easier to see the closer objects that are in focus, than when they are blurry. Throughout the movie they do a good job of balancing out the setting. When the actors are speaking, the movie does a good job of closeups which shows their facial expressions and can capture what the scene is all about.

e21390_t01 Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.00.39 PM


Photo Reflection

In the past, I was never that big into photography, but I do enjoy taking pictures when I visit places and of me and my friends. But I took a photography class in high school which was really fun. But I never worried about the lighting or that stuff, and never owned a fancy camera. Any photo I take is with my iPhone, and nothing else. I like taking landscape photos more than people, specially when I go visit places.

If I really thought about it, if I worked hard, I could improve my photo skills by trying to focus on my subject and the rest having it to be a blur, or capture other parts.

Make My Day

Today was the best day ever, yeehaw! This little lady is not normally one to have a man by her side. I strongly believe in not needing a man, but today I met the guy that I might spend the rest of my life with. As I was walking down to my house I bumped into a guy by mistake and my saddle fell to the ground. He was so kind it, he picked it up and we  just started making small talk. He asked me on a date, and it was the most perfect one.

First we went to breakfast, at the cowboy cafe. I got pancakes, french toast, and eggs.


Then we went on a horse ride where he taught me how to do some tricks.

Couple riding the range at Santa Margarita,California

Then we square danced until our feet hurt.


But the most memorable part of it was that at the end of the date, he leaned in to kiss me.



*I thought this was a little hard, finding western photos was kind of difficult. Specially about a guy and a girl on a date. I felt like I had to find a girl and a guy wearing cowboy boots and super typical western style.

We’re The Real Life Brady Bunch!

*I thought this assignment was fun but definitely took up a lot of time. I had to use face in a hole because I don’t have photoshop or anything, but it was really fun looking up silly pictures of my good friends and putting it all together. Then I thought of being creative with the title instead of just being the Brady Bunch.

What’s in your [saddle]bag?


As a sweet western belle, a girl has always have to carry her purse. But what’s in the purse? My western books, to learn up more on how to win a rodeo. A notepad to write down all my great ideas. My inhaler because sometimes when a cowboy tries to come in here and shoot me, my heart sometimes races too much. A water when I get thirsty, a pair of sunglasses to block the sun out whenever a shootout is randomly about to happen.


*For this assignment I just took a picture of my current purse and incorporate my character into it. I didn’t think it was too difficult, it just needed creative input on it.

Love at First Shot

Today my husband and I went to Harry Potter world, we have never been there before but we had so much fun! We walked into the bookstore, and they let us grab different wands to see which ones would fit our personality. After holding a couple of wands, we found our right fit. I felt like this power growing inside of me, like it was the right one! So my husband and I decided to have a face off, we looked at each other and he said “abracadabra!” and I said ” stupefy.” Guess who won? Growing up I loved the Harry Potter movies, I wanted to be Hermione so badly, and I would dream and dream to find my Ron Wesley. Let me tell you, I so did! Harry is so dreamy, he’s sweet, funny, caring, great dad and everything I have wanted in a husband. We have so much fun together.


*I picked this photo because 1. I am in love with the royal couple, especially Kate Middleton, and 2. because I wanted to show a photo that shows that love is not just about passion. It is also about having fun, and being silly with each other. I thought this picture really represented that.