This week my writing group was chosen to pick out five posts that we considered to be the best of the week. We all picked out different ones, because we either related to it, liked the idea, thought the person was creative etc.

So here are the people in the spotlight:

Dear Past Self,

Home away from home

Hello Child


Congrats to all the people who got picked to be in the spotlight! We thought your work was the best one of everyone. Y’all were really creative and just super heartfelt. Keep up the good work and maybe you’ll be in more spotlights!!!

Weekly Summary

This week was kind of harder than the last couple of weeks, for some reason it seemed like there was more work. Also the snow days totally threw me off, because I got lazier and lazier as we got more school off. The assignment banks were great, because I prefer the writing ones. I decided to write a letter to my mom because I created that assignment…so why not do it! Then we had to link one to western theme, so I just found a western photo and some lingo and linked it to that. The stories we had to pick, I decided to go for the free ones because i’m extremely broke. I read both ice man, and bride comes to the yellow sky. While I enjoyed Ice man better, the bride one just seemed to drag out and didn’t really catch my attention as much. But ICE man was so interesting and left me in a cliff hanger, wanting to read more. Which then lead me to analyze Vonnegut’s way of explaining a short story. Then I created my character and finished it off with my daily creates,I feel like my creates are super lame because I have no idea how people create technological stuff. But it’s ok, i’m more of a free hang drawing person and prefer to that generally. My writing group got picked for a “special assignment” to showcase different posts. Which in a way is cool, but I also thought it was more work because we literally just finished last week on creating the assignment for this week. I wish the professor gave us at least a one week break, before adding an extra assignment in the middle of the week. Overall, this week was just more stressful and more work, but I was able to finish it and happy with the results.


*My group has yet to share the posts they wanted to pick for showcase, so I probably will turn that in on Sunday and maybe add it to this post, so its all compacted. But will turn my response as a comment on canvas.

Here are my links to my projects:

Daily Creates


Kurt Vonnegut talks about the different shapes of stories, and the first shape he talks about is starting above average and then they get down and come back up. Another one he talks about is starting average thing and then something goes wonderful but then come back down and up again. The last story he talks about is the most popular, which starts low and works their way up to get to the top.

The story ice man, starts off really well but then something bad happens, but the readers are left with a cliffhanger of whether it comes back up or not. At first the boys are celebrating and not caring about what they’re doing and having fun. But then they meet Kyle who they thought they could trust as a friend, but unfortunately ended up being deputy and arresting the boys for arguing with ICE. Unfortunately the boys are left at the bottom of the curve and with probably no hope of getting out of jail. Also the writer leaves the readers in a cliff hanger and leaves them wanting to read more, but we will never find out if the curve goes back up.

Western Stories

In this blog post we had to read up on more western stories to get us thinking and learn more about western themes. First I read old western legends, the first thing that caught my eye were old west photos, and then old west people. I think this is really cool, having old photographs of the olden days, and it is fascinating to compare it to our generation today. It is like a completely different time, back then they wore boots, rode horses as transportation, used lassos to fight, wore big coats and more. Houses looked smaller and the style of living just seemed easier. No one was worried about who looked the best, and damages of the land was not really their thing. Then I clicked in postcards, and again pictures popped up, and everything just looks so different. Now a days everything is more modernized, with fancy buildings, back then their only worry was to keep their horse alive.


I also read Ice Man, which again I linked it back to our generation today. Who would ever think that their biggest worry is if they can dodge a bull. First of all, bulls are not even walking around in the neighborhoods…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bull, and have never thought about riding one, maybe a mechanical one! Another short story I read was “The bride comes to Yellow Sky” which I found interesting but not as much as ice man. The bride just seemed to be confident but also self-conscious. The story was easy to relate to, it didn’t seem like it wanted to wow their audience, but more like keep it simple, and how people have different reactions to everything and it is ok. Through all these short stories, there seems to be different common themes. All the writing styles use western slang but also do not make it hard for readers to understand. While it is ok, I don’t think I would pick western stories as my first pick to read.

Western Character

The Western Belle,

Boy is she pretty, with long wavy hair, blue eyes and some great cowboys boots. Every boy drools over the western belle because she is a lady but when its time to rodeo its like she’s is a different person. She knows how to stay on a bull and fight like a cowboy. She grew up with a bounty hunter for a father, so that is where she gets her strenght and without a mother. Her aunt was always the one to teach her how to use womanly supplies, to be proud of herself and fight like a woman. Every young girl wants to grow up to be the western belle. She is 30 years old, but not married. Basically trying to find a nice cowboy who treats her well.


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

YEEHAW! Damn cowboys I just got into a shootout with a bunch of city-slickers. But boy were they bad, they thought they could yonder to my barn and cahoot my horses! No son of a gun gets past me! So I took out my pistols and put my hat on (to show them I was serious) and shot them straight with a bullet. But not at the just pretended to so they got scared. Those half-wits ended up in the calaboose when I called my buddy whose a cop. To celebrate I wet my whistle and rode off with Buddy the horse, and here I am looking at this beautiful sunset remember my victory. God bless

To my riser

Riser (according to Dierks Bentley): life is hard, man, and you’ve got to give it your all to succeed

My family moved to the U.S when I was 8 years old, we came with nothing. We lived in a one bedroom apartment with 5 people, and started off with nothing. Yet somehow, it never felt like that. There was always food on the table, clothes on our backs, toys to play with etc. As I grow up, I sit and ponder how we ever made it, and one word pops to mind: mom. Months ago, I was driving home and the song rise by Dierks Bentley came on. As I heard the lyrics, I couldn’t help but cry because this song was made for my mother.

A single mother with 3 kids (1 being disabled, 2 being stubborn). A shoulder for three heads to lay on, and two arms to hug us when we were scared. When things would “go bad” in our eyes, she knew how to lock and bolt the door and keep us strong. She gave us everything she had just so we could be happy. Whenever she got pushed around, she fought hard for her kids, and would do anything just to see them happy. So mom, here is to you, for all the times that you had to fight for us I can’t help but to thank you. Thank you for being my go to woman, my best friend, my riser, my fighter, my survivor.

~While this song says its for the army, I do believe it was made for the risers