Weekly Summary

This week I unfortunately put things to the very last minute, so I didn’t really enjoy this week as much. I started with the daily creates and thought the ones I picked out were pretty simple. Then we had to choose to do one of the 4 assignment banks.

I chose to do my favorite activity and show it in 30 seconds. This assignment was not that hard but it was funny, I wanted to do something I really enjoy doing and people could relate to. So I decided that my favorite activity was napping! I had my friend film me, and it was really hard not to laugh. Then I decided to create a video group and with them we will create a movie. Which I am really exited about because its gonna be better than just doing other busy/not interesting work. Here is the planning for right now as well as my trailer. You can find it here.

Then there was what we’ve learned from videos. And you can find that here. Overall – this week was not my favorite but I am excited to start the puppet show, I think it will be a lot of fun!

What i’ve learned

We were supposed to apply all the readings and videos through an essay. I think what I learned the most is that there are more to videos than just the picture we are seeing. In the good, the bad, and the ugly, there is a scene where the guys are just having a face off. Through their eyes you can see their emotions and maybe their next steps. I think that when people are watching movies they don’t take this into consideration. Actors work really hard in their facial expressions to set the tone for the audience. Another way you can feel their emotions is through tone of voice. Wether they are sad or happy you can always tell. I think this is very critical for my video plan because we are doing a puppet show, and if they whole time we are monotone then our audience will have no idea what our emotions are.


I chose to watch A noose for Django on youtube because I am poor and it was free. I think the most important part of the movie was the first scene. It really set everything up, even from the beginning you knew it was a western movie just because of what they were wearing. Also the beginning didn’t have any title, it automatically went into a scary sound and a man drinking/smoking and then cut to the mountain range. That right there sets up the setting of the film- that its gonna take place in a mountainous region. As well as what kind of person the character is (currently). I think the beginning scenes of any movie is very important because it shows the audiences what kind of movie it will be and gives the background of the characters and their personalities. As more people appear in the film and they start talking you get the sense that its a film about fighting and surviving. Also every time something intense happens they tend to have music to follow up.

Overall the movie was good – but not really my favorite. But because I don’t watch these kinds of movies it made me really think about the perspective and the background and how it really got there.