Weekly Summary (week one)

I have heard many different opinions about this class, both good and bad. When I registered for ds106, I had no idea what to expect. I wanted to take the class because it sounded really interesting and super helpful to know for the future. I am coming into this class blindly (because I am not tech-davy, I had to get every single account) but with a great attitude! When I first saw the welcome email, I got a little scared that it was a lot and I was not gonna be able to do it, but I did not want to drop it. Then when I started doing the bootcamp stuff, it was not as bad as I thought. Granted this is the introduction week, and it could only get harder from here, I very much enjoyed exploring through those website and creating all that media. As far as the whole western theme, I think it is a cool idea that the class is based on it. I don’t know much about western but after reading those articles and listening to podcasts, I have come to appreciate the Western lifestyle. It has a different aspect than what you see now a days. The most interesting thing that I found from reading all that is that I had no idea that western had its subgenera. I was just familiar with the classical form which includes cowboys, crimes, horses etc. I think the most frustrating/hardest part about the whole thing was creating the flickr account. That confused me so much, the website was just all over and I had no idea how to grab URL’s to embed. Also embedding was really difficult to understand, it was not working for a while but then I realized that I was doing it wrong. But I really enjoyed creating and designing my own website, as well as picking out the URL name. It was a little easier than I expected because the email scared me at first. I am really excited to see what this class has to offer, and get my creative side out of me in different ways. I would like to say that I am pretty creative but definitely not with social media. I prefer drawing, and coloring but I can’t wait to learn and be more educated in this class.